Meet the Water Bottle That Cleans Itself

Step aside, plastic bottles. With its bacteria-killing technology, LARQ is paving the way for the next generation of bottled water. The self-cleaning water bottle combines clean design with peace of mind.

Another Beloved Brand Goes Green

Everlane and Adidas may be soaking up all the literal limelight right now for their forays into sustainable sneakers, but they'll soon by joined by Keds. The casual sneaker company will unveil a new collection built on a collaboration with textile company Ace & Jig, featuring shoes made entirely from scraps of waste material. The collection exemplifies Keds two-pronged approach to sustainable footwear, prioritizing ethical materials over trends. 

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Designers Take Back Time With The Help Of Manufacturers

The advent of the Internet has done more to revolutionize the way design is realized today than any other technological advancement. Certainly, the proliferation of personal computers enhanced the way designers work, but the Internet’s immeasurable value lies in its capacity to create new marketplaces, facilitate an exchange of ideas and images at breakneck speed, and induce far-flung but fruitful collaborations. That demand for excellence makes today a very challenging time to be a designer. There is, however, a growing trend in the industry that lessens a substantial load on designers. It’s been called “the rise of dealer designers” and while these individuals are not new to the industry, their ability to drastically relieve the pressure of client demands on designers is coming to the light.

These Designers Are Shaping the Future of Water
Rural America Is Experiencing A Solar Revolution
Burger King Will Give You A Free Whopper In Exchange For Virtual Arson

Who says crime doesn't pay deliciously? In Brazil, Burger King will give you a coupon for a free whopper if you use their app to burn rival fast-food chains' advertisements in augmented reality. The campaign is tied to the launch of Burger King's mobile payment technology.  

Denver Ad Agency Uses Artful Billboards To Drive Home Water Conservation Message

How do you get people to stop wasting water? Appeal to their aesthetic and moral sensibilities. Sukle, a Denver-based advertising agency, did just that with a series of billboards that made use of sticky notes, colored pencils, aluminum cans, clay, and LEGOS, among other materials, to remind people to only use what they need. 

In The Future, People Will Move Through Cities In Multi-Directional Elevators
Oslo Commits To Green Living With Wireless Taxi Charging
SETI's New Mixtape For E.T. Promises To Be Cosmically Cool

New Algorithm Turns Doodles Into Hyper-Real Imagery In Seconds

MS Paint may be gone, but there's a souped up, soon-to-be-released tool out there waiting to take its place. This new tool, called GauGAN, can transform simple computer doodles into breathtaking photo-real images in real time. GauGAN even comes with different filters that adjust for time of day and style of painting, meaning someone could turn a simple doodle into a beautiful Impressionist sunset picture. 

Get Busy Living Sustainably Or Get Busy Dying Sustainably
Biodegradable Planters May Be Key to Reforestation
Crustaceans a New Contender in the Fight to Find Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

The lobster has played many roles in society over the years: prisoners' food, millionaires' food, and now, the latest and greatest single-plastic alternative material. It seems that a polymer found in their exoskeletons, chitin, can be used to great biodegradable and recyeable bioplastics. A team of designers at the Royal College of Art discovered this and developed several machines that can render seafood waste into a usable single-use item. They have named their project Shellworks.

New 3-D Printer Uses Light to Create Bespoke Objects In Just 2 Minutes

It's called the Replicator and it could very well be the future of 3-D printing. Inspired by both Star Trek and CT scanners, the Replicator projects a video of a 3-D image into a synthetic resin that solidifies under certain intensities of light. The result is a super smooth, bespoke object. Right now the Replicator can only print things at the centimeter scale, but the possibilities once it is scaled up could be astounding. 

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Snøhetta Debuts New Chair Made of Recycled Fish Nets and Steel
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50 Business Pushing Us Forward Into The Future

It's a brave new world out there and that's thanks to the private sector, for the most part. Everything from retail to banking to pharmaceuticals to farming has been touched by the digital revolution and the companies that spearhead its forward progress. In 2019, Fast Company has identified a new crop of 50 startups and big corporations taking innovation to the next level. 

New Solar Blind Harvests More Power Than Window Coatings
Office Warfare Is Over Thanks To This Temperature-Regulating Fabric
Teen Designs Prosthetic Arms Using Legos, Dubs Himself "Hand Solo"
Interior Design's Innovation Conference Tackles Today's Brave New World

Innovation. It's a huge word, laden with diverse meanings, hopes, fears, and confusion for people living in the 21st century. For designers and those involved in the design industry, the question of innovation penetrates both the way business is done and the future development of the built environment and products. At the inaugural Innovation Conference, held by Interior Design in partnership with Interface flooring, ten luminaries from a varied assortment of industries took the stage at NeueHouse to expound on what innovation looks like today. 

Check Out Highlights From Innovation Conference 2019

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Inside the Mind of Neri Oxman

Neri Oxman is at the forefront science, design, and academic celebrity. A winner of the National Design Award and a pioneering force at MIT's Mediated Matter Lab, Oxman is known the world over for her unique creative vision on how the natural world and the built environments of the future will coalesce. Deep dive into her predictions for a new biophilic future in this 2018 interview with Oxman in Dwell magazine. 

Mycelium Wows Again In New Nir Meiri Lamps
Giant Corporations Take First Step Towards Real Climate Accountability With Reusable Packaging
No Longer Blinded By The Headlights
AI Opens New Doors to Understanding Mental Health

Compared to the early days of psychoanalysis and psychiatry, we know a lot about treating mental health. But what we know still isn't enough. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 1 in 5 American adults—18.5% of the population—experiences mental illness in a given year, with about 1 in 25 experiencing one that significantly impacts their ability to function in society. For psychiatrists who attempt to treat the brain with medication, finding the right combination and strength of medicine can be a challenge. AI, data mining, and machine learning may make the job a whole lot easier in the near future.

Veganism — The Next Frontier in Hospitality Design

Veganism may not be the ideal diet to mitigate the effects of climate change—there's another diet for that—but its emphasis on compassionate treatment of animals could be the start of a new paradigm in interior design. Case in point, the world's first vegan hotel suite, created by Bompas & Parr for Hilton's London Bankside property, exclusively uses plant-based products and completely eliminates any use of wool, leather, or feathers. The suite makes extensive use of Piñatex, a faux-leather material made of pineapple leaves, as well as cotton in the carpeting. 

The Robotic Future of Farming
The Future of Coral Reefs May Depend on Robot Fertilizers
LG's Roll-Up TV is the Perfect Product for Viewing "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo"

English Town Trades in Coal Economy for Solar-Powered Housing

Renewable energy use has increased rapidly in U.K., leaving local economies previously dependent on coal-generated electricity in the lurch. But in the town of Rugeley, a shuttered coal plant is undergoing an incredible transformation into sustainably-powered housing. Engie, the former owner of the plant, wants to see its former site become "one of the most efficient, low-carbon redevelopment projects in the U.K.”

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